Bay of Fires Eco Tours

This is our flagship tour and the only way to experience the Bay of Fires in its entirety, sit back and soak it all in as we travel on an exhilarating boat ride to the northern most point of the Bay of Fires.

This 2.5 hours tour covers over 28kms of pristine coastline, the history and natural beauty will be highlighted as we traverse our way north past the Bay of Fires Conservation Area to Mount William National Park and the lighthouse reserve at Eddystone Point.

The return journey is an offshore experience giving you a panoramic view of the coastline, just as the early explorers would have encountered when they first set eyes on the Bay of Fires.

Different times of year bring a diverse range of sea life, including Humpback and Southern Right Whales, Dolphins, Fur Seals, Sea Lions, Pelicans, Albatross, Pacific Gulls, Shearwaters and Sea Eagles.

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